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Examples from our menu card

Starter starters
Mozzarella finger
Baked mozzarella with herbs
With cole slaw, BBQ and salsa dip

Stuffed Zucchini with Vegetable & Chicken Breast
Stuffed zucchini with vegetables, chicken breast strips
And cheese

Louisiana chicken sticks
Baked chicken breasts
With BBQ and salsa dip

Vegetable Sticks & Dip
Crisp fresh appetizer with peppers,
Carrots, cucumbers, canning and radishes,
Served with Tatarsauce, curry and BBQ dip

From the Ranch
Rib Eye Steak - from the high rib

Sirloin steak - from Roastbeef

Tenderloin steak - from the loin

New Orleans Surf & Grill
Salmon shrimp skewer and a 200 g rib eye steak
From the grill with steak sauce, baked potato with sour cream
And colorful garden salad

T-bone steak
500 g, tender filet and juicy roast beef
On the T-bone with crispy fat edge

From the Sea
Grilled Seafood Kabob
Prawns, salmon cubes, peppers and red onions on the spit
Grilled, accompanied by Cajun Fries, barbecuesauce and salad

Cajun Roasted Codfish
Grilled cod on tagliatelle with tomato,
Black olives, garlic, hot peppers, onions,
Capers, red pesto

Red Fish "Biloxi Style"
Tender fish fillet and shrimps in creamy
Tomato and vegetable sauce, served with rice

Seafood Gumbo
Fish pot with seafood, okra,
Peppers and rice

Pepper Salmon
Grilled pepper salmon with fresh leaf spinach,
Herbal tea and tagliatelle

New Orleans Specialties
Creole stew with poultry, sausage,
Okra, peppers and rice

Chili con Carne
Fiery beef stew with red beans,
Peppers and chips

Marinated half-chicken from the grill
With salad, cajun fries, BBQ and salsa dip

Green Goddess Chicken
Grilled chicken breast baked with
Fresh leaf spinach and tender melting
Edamer, along with Cajun Fries and Sourcream

Buffalo Chicken Wings
Crispy fried chicken wings marinated
In piquant honey soy sauce / mild or hot

Spare ribs
Crispy grilled pork ribs in honey soy sauce

Whole lobster - approx. 600 g
Original as in New Orleans
With liquid butter, lemon
and baguette bread

Cook's Best
Whole lobster with mushrooms,
Cherry tomatoes and spring onions,
With lemon and baguette bread

New Orleans Classics
Oysters On The Half Shell
Catch fresh oysters à la minute,
With lemon wedge, shallot balsamic dressing
and baguette bread

Oyster Rockefeller 3 St
Oysters in the shell with spinach,
Parmesan cheese,
Baguette bread

Dessert / Cake
Louisiana Chocolate Walnut
Chocolate walnut cake with caramel sauce
and cream

Grand Ma's Brownie
Chocolate brownie with a dash of rum,
Vanilla ice cream and cream

New Orleans Pancake
Typical American pancake
With maple syrup, vanilla ice cream and cream

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